First Responder Chaplain Ministry
  Serving those who Protect & Serve

Mission Minded-Kingdom Focused-Spirit Filled

Fire/EMS- they really go together. I serve both Warrensville Fire & Rescue and Ashe Medics as their Chaplain. At WVF&R, I not only get to serve as Chaplain, but as both a Firefighter and an EMT First Responder. This is just some of the ways I get to serve my community. 

Ashe Medics allow me to minister to their Medics, Staff and their families. I try to spend as much time as possible with the medics, for two reasons; # 1 I love hanging out with them. # 2 no one calls a stranger for help. It is proven that if I spend some time with these guys, they will call upon me in a time of crisis or confusion.  

The AIM: 

Law Enforcement Chaplain. This area is much different in ways and the same in others. First, to minister to the officers, staff and families, much of the same attentions is needed. The one key difference is that Deputies experience a different kind of stress than any other First Responder does. It's a different angle if you will.